Why do some people come up with bizarre seeming religious ideas and why do others accept them?
Read Moderate Fundamentalists to find out!


Dr. Upal is a computer scientist who studies how information spreads among social agents.  He has used his research to:

  1. design a marketing technique (called Aha ad design) to design effective advertisements

  2. design a machine learning technique for predicting popularity of social media messages (likes/shares)

  3. develop the social identity entrepreneurship (SIE) model which explains how leaders develop and market ideas of social change

  4. develop a cognitive science of new religious movements which explains the development of new religious movements


A scientist-turned social justice activist, Dr. Upal  believes that if we see injustice and do not raise our voices, we are complicit in it.  As a life long feminist, he has advocated for changes in misogynistic beliefs and practices deeply rooted in South Asian Muslim cultures.