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Anti Ahmadiyya Bigotry in Pakistan

Many Westerners as well as liberal Pakistanis do not appreciate the degree of anti-Ahmadiyya bigotry in Pakistan. If there's one episode that illustrates it, it's the recent episode in which Pakistan Muslim League (N) accidentally changed the law requiring public office holders to affirm their belief in the finality of Prophet Muhammad's prophethood. This "clerical mistake" theoretically makes Ahmadis eligible for public office in Pakistan. The furor that almost immediately followed this change illustrates the anti-Ahmdiyya bigotry in Pakistan. All political parties (including PML(N) that had made the change in the first place!) took to protesting the change. The ruling party was instantly forced to act to reverse the change as documented here Makes one wonder how would any Ahmadi ever get elected to public office in Pakistan? If no Ahmadi can ever get elected, changes to the oath are just moot!

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